Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa HotelTorre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel

Facial Treatments

Kianty Facial Detox (90 '| € 100.00)

A deep cleansing of the skin with the application of anti-oxidant products that prevent and attenuates the effects of skin ageing. Bring back the light to your face and allow your cells to breathe and purify itself.

Kianty Anti-Ageing Treatment (55 '| € 95.00)

Anti-ageing treatment recommended for skins that started a process of cell deceleration. The synergistic action of polyphenols and alginates provides higher resistance to skin ageing. Give a new life to your face.

Deep Hydration Treatment (55 '| € 75.00)

Treatment directed to all type of skin that needs special and deep hydration. Hydration is an in-depth treatment capable of improving elasticity and maintaining the hydric balance of the skin, avoiding its early ageing.

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