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Body Treatments

Exfoliation Il Salt and Grape with Hydration (60 '| € 75.00)

A body peeling with sea salt and grape polyphenols. The dead skin cells are removed allowing a sea breeze sensation, throughout the body being, then the skin is rebalanced with an anti-ageing moisturising cream.

Exfoliation All’ Grapes and Hidratation with Massage (90 '| € 95.00)

Body exfoliation and hydration treatment, with products and essences of the vine, followed by a relaxing massage. Indicated for skins that need to be renewed and hydrated, as well as for those looking to combine a deep relaxation with the care of the body.

Vite-Vitality Treatment (70 '| € 85.00)

Remodelling and firming treatment, where we combine the benefits of wine and seaweed. Suitable for people with sagging problems who look to reshape the contours, acquiring firmness and equilibrium of the silhouette.

Ritual Wine Pinda Massagem (75 '| € 110.00)

The treatment of pindas derives from an ancient traditional Indian discipline known as Ayurveda. This discipline seeks to alleviate physical ills, relax the mind and appease the soul through the inner energy of the body. Nowadays it is mainly used to relieve muscle aches and contractions, promote blood circulation and reduce cellulite.

Grape Cure Ritual (120 '| € 135.00)

This treatment is an authentic sensory experience that brings us to the balance of our body and mind. Renew your skin with a body exfoliation, followed by a complete relaxation massage with our powerful Uvaslim, nourishing and moisturising cream, without forgetting to treat your face with a "Beauty Flash", where it is made a  clean; an exfoliation, a mask and a moisturising. Indulge yourself!


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